Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hey Everyone!
For those of you who don't know - I am a HUGE American Idol fan! I have been watching the show since it started way back with Kelly Clarkson. I even auditioned for it a few years ago. The audition process was definitely not what I expected though. After about 30 hours waiting in line, they had groups of us line up to sing in front of one of the producers. There were about 12 or so at different tables in the front of the room, so there would be 12 or so singers all singing at the same time - very distracting! I watched some of the most amazing singers I had ever heard get turned away one after the other. Finally a guy who could not carry a tune started dancing around like an idiot and he was put through! It is unfortunate that so many great singers get turned away for the people who cannot sing. But - I guess that is one of the things that has made the show so popular. I have to admit - I get a kick out of watching those first auditions!
There are, however some great singers that they have put through. Melinda Doolittle is one of those incredibly talented singers. I have to say that she is definitely my favorite! Plus, my sister's boyfriend is friends with her as well. She is a Christian, and is outspoken about her relationship with Christ. She has also sung backup for Christian artists like Natalie Grant and Anointed.
I like Jordin Sparks as well. She has sung backup for Michael W. Smith. She seems to get better every week. As for Blake, I think the one word that describes him is "Unique". I have never heard anyone like him before. Although he is extremely talented, in my opinion he doesn't have a very strong voice. Afterall, American Idol is a "Vocal" competition. I am predicting that our final two will be Jordin and Melinda. We'll see what happens next week!

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Janie said...

Hey Jen! I miss Sanjaya! Just kidding!!!