Thursday, October 23, 2008

Judgement House

Hello from freezing Atlanta! It is so cold up here today! I'm going to have to get some warmer clothes! (Any excuse to go shopping :) )...

Anyways - This weekend my church in Florida, along with churches all over the globe are coming together to put on "Judgement House". Judgement House is a walk-through drama that takes you through a series of rooms that tell a story. It is made to feel as though you were actually there witnessing the events taking place before your eyes. The characters are presented with choices to make about what they are going to do with Jesus. Some will accept Christ, while others will reject Him. You witness the consequences of those choices and what happens to them when they die. The thing that makes Judgement House so powerful is the reality of what is presented. Each of us must make a decision as to what we are going to do with Jesus. Will we choose Him or reject Him?

Judgement House is an amazing evangelistic tool, and I read somewhere that since Judgement House began in 1983, there have been 390,000 people who have made decisions to follow Jesus Christ and to have a personal relationship with Him. That is incredible!

I have been involved in Judgement House for years, and I have witnessed before my eyes people coming in as one person, and then leaving as a different person - totally and completely changed! I have seen big tough-looking guys come in with smirks on their faces only to see them on their knees weeping by the end. God has His hands all over this ministry, and He continues to use it to bring people to Himself.

I am sad that this year I cannot be a part of Judgement House, but I will be praying fervently for all of you who are involved.

If you want more info on where Judgement House is in your area, you can go to . I have put the promo video for this year's JH below - check it out!

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