Monday, October 27, 2008

My trip to NC - Part B

Part B to post below...

This weekend was full of adventures! Shelley, Aunt Beth and I hit the road on Friday for what should have been a 3 1/2 hour drive to the Deerwoode lodge in NC where the women's retreat was being held. After getting stuck in traffic and then getting lost we finally made it to our destination 7 hours later! It was a bit scary because we were traveling in the middle of nowhere on mountain roads at night, in the rain and in thick fog. Not only were we lost, but we had no cell phone reception and our GPS systems were giving us incorrect information. We finally found a place of civilization where we could call for directions and a sweet lady from the retreat came to meet us so we could follow her to the lodge. We all felt such a relief when we finally had someone leading us who knew the way.

I was thinking - isn't that the way life is? When our circumstances get dark and we cannot see our way, if we rely on the things in this world that give us inaccurate information we'll get nowhere. However, if we allow Jesus, the One who knows the way to lead us, we can get through any storm. We can trust that He will be with us and lead us in the right direction even when we can't see the road ahead.

The next morning after the rain had passed, we awoke to see that what had been thick darkness and fog surrounding us the night before was actually beautiful mountains and trees with the most beautiful neon fall colors. God reminded me again that the storm won't last forever and that He knows what is out there beyond what we can see. The end result is so beautiful!

After our weekend with the sweet group of ladies, we headed back home on Sunday afternoon. Because I have lived in FL most of my life I have never seen a real fall, so we took a small road trip/detour on the way back through Tennessee and the Blue Ridge Mountains so that I could enjoy the scenery of the bright fall colors. OH - MY - GOODNESS! I have never in my life seen anything as beautiful as what we saw. Words cannot express the incredible beauty of God's creation - I was completely in awe!

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Shelley Hendrix said...

I kept having the theme song for Gilligan's Island go through my head last week, "a three hour tour, a three hour tour....crash!" lol If I ever get lost on a dark, stormy night in the middle of nowhere without any cell/GPS signal, I want you there with me. I know you appreciate it. ;-)
Love you!